Hiring a DC DUI attorney can help you win the case

Driving under the influence of alcohol or some other substance is one of the leading causes of fatalities on the roads and streets of the US. It is also a criminal offense that can result in a prison sentence and a hefty financial penalty.

When faced with a case like this, your best course of action would be to hire a DUI attorney Washington DC. Handling the entire case by yourself is a recipe for certain punishment. Hiring a DUI attorney is of a critical importance, because he/she will represent you in court, handle all the aspects of your case and greatly increase the chances of you winning the case, or at least getting a minimum sentence.

Of course, the DUI attorney option is more expensive than the do-it-yourself option, but hiring one means that you will have someone who possesses vast knowledge and experience in this field of law and who is more than competent of handling such a case. Before you do all of that, there are some basic things you should know.

DUI, although treated as misdemeanor. is a serious 1213125_origoffense. Due to the ever increasing number of injuries and fatalities on the roads and streets of the US, court juries and judges gave become quite intolerant towards drunk drivers and are usually prone to passing harsh sentences. Aside from the time you might spend in jail and the financial fine, there are other, numerous consequences you can suffer as a result of a DUI sentence, like losing your current job, having difficulties finding jobs in the future etc. In order to alleviate these consequences, or completely avoid them, you need a DC criminal defender you can trust at your side. Under no circumstances should you decide to represent yourself in front of the court.

Before hiring an attorney, make sure you hire the right one. Basically all DUI attorneys practice criminal law, however, not all of them can handle a DUI case. It would be a big mistake having just any kind of criminal lawyer representing you in a DUI case. Before hiring, do a thorough research, check every attorney’s professional background and pick the one that specializes in DUI cases. If in an unfortunate turn of events, if you are unable to find a specialized DUI attorney, look for the one that is familiar with this field of law and especially with certain aspects related to DUI defense. Medical conditions like diabetes and hypogylcemia, horizontal gaze or the use of an intoxilyzer are just some of these aspects. Keep in mind though, that attorneys who posses this kind of special knowledge are a bit more expensive, but even these additional costs pale in comparison with the consequences that might await you in case you lose the case.

In the end, don’t think twice. There is actually not much to think of. We can help, and in a case like this, you need help. Hiring a DUI attorney significantly increases your chances of succeeding in front of the court. Going in alone means a certain sentence.

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